Cold Applied Crack Fillers

İZOFALT S Cold Applied Crack Fillers

İZOFALT S is a two component, joint filler and crack repair material with polyurethane based coal tar additive, suitable for use in asphalt and concrete field joints. It is also used to protect surfaces that require water proofing insulation.

It is compatible with cold and hot weather conditions and does not lose its performance. It perfectly fits the surfaces it is applied to. It is suitable for water contact and applicable in all seasons. It’s resistant to various chemicals and ultraviolet.

Application Areas of IZOFALT S

  • It’s used as a crack filler and repair material at ;
    • Road wearing cracks,
    • Asphalt and concrete sites of Highways ,
    • Joint points of concrete,
    • Horizontal joints and cracks

Advantages of Using Izofalt S

  • Resistant to all kinds of ambient conditions,
  • Resistant to wastewater and sea water,
  • Partially resistant to solvents,
  • Resistant to low and high temperatures,
  • Requires minimum crew and equipment for application.

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