Who we are

Sustainable Solutions, Quality Products

Enfalt (Enfalt Emulsion and Asphalt Facilities Inc) is an establishment of Engine Holding which has a huge experience at road & asphalt industry dates back to 1977

Enfalt, with his over 40 years experience has brought many innovations and products to the road & asphalt and insulation industries with the aim of sustainable solutions and quality  products.

Our Facilities

  • Asphalt Plants - 240 t/sa & 160 t/h
  • Concrete Batching Plant - 90m³/h
  • Crushing and Screening Plant - 350 t/h & 250 t/h
  • Stationary & Mobile Emulsion Production Plants- 45t/h
  • Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant -20t/h
  • Asphalt Crack Filler Plant- 10t/day
  • Insulation Products Plant - 10t/h

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