Fibrocel Cellulosic Fiber For Stone Mastic Asphalt

Fibrocel Cellulosic Fiber For Stone Mastic Asphalt

Enfalt Fibrocel is a high-quality cellulosic fiber product used in domestic and foreign stone mastic asphalt applications.


Thanks to its high quality, Fibrocel is preferred not only by Turkish companies but also by the foreign road construction companies, especially in Europe.

Specifications and Advantages:

It provides a high homogeneous distribution and increases the adhesion of bitumen, and fills the gaps between aggregates and minimizes the bitumen percolation. The product, approved by the General Directorate of Highways, is the most suitable fiber type used for stone mastic asphalt applications and has many advantages:

  • High quality, attractive price
  • Low mixing time and homogeneus distribution
  • Mouisture resistant
  • Earning to the national economy with 100% domestic production ano exportation success
  • Modern production (ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001)

Application: Enfalt Fibrocel can be very easily mixed with the dry mix before mixing with bitumen. Thanks to this property, it disperses homogeneously and quickly in the bitumen and covers the aggregate. Depending on the type and size of the mixer, the mixing of 5-15 seconds is sufficient to distribute Enfalt Fibrocel in the dry mix.

Packaging: Big bag of 500 kg (suitable for overseas shipments)

Technical Specifications:


Thickness of 4-7 mm

Schellenberger Percolation Value (with 0.3%)

Max. 0.18% (The criterion of the Specifications is 0.3%)


Max. 5%

Oil Absorption

At least 5 times the cellulose weight

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